Monday, April 11, 2011


Welcome back to class.I hope your weekend was great! The weather was very nice. What did you do? I played with my babies, did grocery shopping and some family members came to my house to visit. Click comments to type your answer.


  1. I'm interested in studyibg computer and English.
    I want to study new words and make sentences is
    inportant. Somme words difficult understand mean
    when I use in the sentences.

    Thank you
    Chan Hou

  2. On the weekend I alway go to my ancle's house and My ancle and Anut they alway bring me go to somewhere to tell me about something of ,that have in the United states.And sometime they alway bring me go their petty or somewhere tha i naver know before.On the weekend i'm so happy every time.Because i can knew alot of that i don't know.

  3. my weekend the weather was very nice becoce me and my family go to visit my family house forcse me and my familey happy

  4. Last weekend I didnt the grocery,I cleaned the ketchen and bathroom,swewing the dress.

  5. on the weekend i was workiung seven to seven not can be with my son be cous is work all the weekend wean i came my house I

  6. last week end iwet to the target to do shopping with im wife.Ialso went tothe party at the uniersity.
    ihad a nice weeekend with my weekend i shall go to mall of America with my family.

  7. onthe weekend i injoy with my family and i went to the library