Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Most parents send their children to school.  However, in the United States, many parents choose to teach their children at home.  Do you think that homeschooling is a good idea or bad idea?  Write about your opinion and give reasons to support your viewpoint.

Descriptive Adjectives And Feelings






In a comment, Write a sentence describing one of the five pictures. For example 

"The man in picture 1 is angry at his computer."

Beginning - PM

Find a recipe on the link below and read out loud with a partner.

More recipes:

The link below is a game on reading recipes.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Advanced ELL AM Questions

Good morning, Advanced students! 

Please answer three of the following questions:

1.  When do you feel the happiest?

2.  What are you most proud of?

3.  What is something many people do not know about you?

4.  What surprised you most about the United States?

High Beginning -PM

Today you will be practicing physical and emotional adjectives with the following activities:

Activity #1

Activity # 2

 Activity #3

Activity #4


Using the adjectives you learned so far, describe the picture below. 
Write your answers in the Comment Box. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beginning -PM

Eating Healthy

Click on the link below for some interactive activities:

Google your favorite foods:

A Question for You

The lottery has been in the news a lot lately. A few people win a lot of money! Many more people win nothing. Some people who win money stay anonymous (nobody knows their names). Some people who win put their photos in the newspaper. What do you think? If you won, would you stay anonymous?

Is buying a lottery ticket a good idea? Why or why not? Please click on "Comments" to answer.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

High Beginning -PM

 Examples of Family Relationships

Family Relationships   
Family types 
Nuclear family                                                                  Extended family 
(a family group that consists only of father,                (a family consisting of the nuclear gamily and their mother and children)                                                                                 blood relatives)                         
       husband                                                                                 grandfather(great-)                   cousin
       wife                                                                                         grandmother                              nephew
       son                                                                                          uncle                                            niece
       daughter                                                                                aunt                                             godmother

ü      Relatives
Relatives by marriage                                                             Second family
Father-in-law                                                                                   stepfather
Mother-in-law                                                                                 stepmother
Brother-in-law                                                                                 stepbrother
sister-in-law                                                                                     half brother
ü      Marital Relatioships                                                                                        
split up/break up


bachelor/single girl

start a relationship

Ellipsis Practice

Johnny Depp Interview

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reading a Schedule - High Beginning


1. What is the first class on the schedule on Monday?
The first class on Monday is ......
2. How many appointments are on Tuesday? What is the second appointment?

3. What day of the week has three appointments? What is the third appointment?

Post four comments to answer each of the questions. One for the first question. one for the second question. One for the third question and one comment to ask a question for the fourth instruction.

4. Write a question about one of the appointments. write if it is the first, second, third or fourth appointment that day.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beginning -PM

Activity - How to read a Calendar

Activity #1
Use headphones and listen to "how to read a calender" on the link below.

Activity #2
Find dates and practice reading and asking each other.
Ask questions using "when is ___________?"
Question:  When is Valentines Day?
Answer: Valentines Day is February 14.
Below is calendars and a list with 2012 events and holidays.

Activity #3
Find the the dates and label on your April/May calendar. Feel free to add "your personal" event/activities to your calender.

April Fools Day
Cinco de Mayo
Mothers Day
Memorial Day

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

High Beginning- PM

What Holidays do you Celebrate?

Below are some websites that may help you find pictures of some celebrations or festivals you might celebrate.

Once you find a picture(s) follow the directions below.

1. Find a picture(s) of a celebration.
2. Paste the picture(s) on a MS word document.
3. Type and describe the celebration on a MS work document.