Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Science Museum of Minnesota

On Tuesday, April 5, we will visit the Science Museum of Minnesota, to see the exbibit about King Tut.

The Science Museum is in downtown St. Paul.

We will see many artifacts from ancient Egypt.  

(King Tut lived 3300 years ago!)

Do you want to see the pyramids?  Thousands of years ago, the pyramids were tombs for royal families.

We will see many old pieces of art from Egypt.

This is a necklace from ancient Egypt.

You can watch this video about the exhibit:

The Science Museum has a lot of fun things to do:

These are musical stairs!

Your ticket is good for the whole day, so you can stay there after class, if you want.

Are you excited to go to the museum?  Please click "Comments" to answer.


  1. I'm very excited to go to the museum.Because i want to the artifact and some story that happened ancient time.anciently i don't know what was happen in the museum?So i want to know some about it.although i know it alittle or i don't know it.But i'm so excited for to go to there.Right now i have feeling so happy.When i haerd teacher Jhone toll me.I'll see there.

  2. I ame happy go to the museum because ayno these yuo can like me donte like form bade

  3. i my very heppy to see museum

  4. Ilike to scinsemuseum.evrytings good Ilkethe king forme egbety.

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