Sunday, May 27, 2012

ELL Advanced AM

Learning Styles

Write a paragraph about your learning style:


  1. My Learning Style

    I think I'm an visual learner When I have to learn somenthing hew, I like reading children book, because is easy for learning english. at home I spen time reading newpaper and other book.I don't spend much time to listen TV. I prefer music and reading . When I reading don't understand clearly so I like reading and talk with other people.

  2. My Learning Style by Francisco Javier My better way to learn i think is a visual Style, but when i am in computer class, i need to use my self and listen the teacher step by step, i learn when some people talk abaut anything i know English is hard i learn a lot when i listen my boys in house, i fell sad because my boy dont speak spanish but i try now teachin some words.

  3. Guillermo CastilloMay 29, 2012 at 10:50 AM

    My Learning Style by Guillermo Castillo.
    I think I'm a visual learner. I can learn better if I read instructions before or reading the information; but sometimes, I'm Kinesthetic learner. For exemple, I could play my guitar before I started to study music. My experience tells me that I need to read and learn first.
    When I want to learn about English Lenguage, I need to hear from my teacher, seeing and write after that.

  4. MY Learn Style
    by Eman Youssef
    I think I'm an A visual learner. When I have learn something new, I like to read and understand what I read.For home I read books,newspapers or magazines.I like when my daughter wrote her story and her gave me to read.When my teacher gave a new story to read I like it.

  5. My Learning Style
    by Tania Taylor

    I think I'm visual learner.When I have to learn something new,I like to read and understand what I read.For example,at home I read a books,newspapers and watch the news.I like when my son wrote his story and he gave me to read.When my teacher gave a new story to read I like it.

  6. I am a auditory learner because, when I learn some I need to listen first and is more easly to remember it, and then practice it. Also when I am at home I watch tv and I can remember what I sew. In one of my jobs I learned more when they tell me how do the task insted of reading what I'm gonna do.

  7. I Think I,m visual and auditory learner both, because sometimes I learn and remember things by listening or by writing.for example one time my supervisor ask me to work over time and I agree to it but then forget it. next day she left me a note and I remebered.I also prefer lisening news on TV raher then reading the news paper because I rememer and understand more that way.

  8. I think I am a visual learner, when I need to rememberg something, I learn best by seeing.

  9. I'm a visual lorner because make me very interesting to understant for example, in classes when the teacher drua in the boare or give ideas I undertant very clearly. Olso I like to follow the direction to see how they doing or making samthing same time is hard to fallow direction Buy reading I have to be very be carful fallow the direction.

  10. I think I'm an auditory learner I need to learn all 3 kind watching,listening and practice for example when I have new information,I carefull to listen about it first ,parallel with that I need to watch what happen and the last I have not primary meaning that I need to remenber.
    At home when I learn new Information I watch and listen carefully then I note what I needed.
    In class I try to listen what the teacher explain,if I don't understand I can ask teacher help .
    I think I prefer to learn with other people.