Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What will you eat?

For breakfast, James ate potatoes and eggs.

For lunch, James will eat potatoes and steak.

For dinner, James will eat french fries and fish.

What will you eat todayPlease click "comments" to answer.


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  2. i will eat rice and chicken for lunch.i
    'am going to eat cucumber and orange.

  3. I will eat for breakfast cereal and milk.I will eat for lunch rice fish and juce.Iam going to go to the restauran for dinner

  4. what will you eat tody?
    for brekfast zahra will eat eggs and tae
    fordinner zahra will eat milk and bread
    forlunch zahra will eat enjerawete

  5. Maurilio DelgadoMay 26, 2011 at 9:36 AM

    I WiLL eat breakfast MiLk With ceral.
    I am goin to eat for lunch pork and Sauce.
    I Will Dinner Steak With Beans And Water Little fruit

  6. Iwill eat cireal for brecke fast.
    I am going to eat rice for lunh.
    I will not eat diner.

  7. I will eatcereat and drink tea for brekfast
    I will eat Rice and drink water for Lunch
    I will eat enjra and juce for dinner

  8. I will eat pizza for lunch.
    I will eat pancakes for dinner.

  9. I Will eat chicken and pasta for lunch
    i will drink water
    I will eat enjera wete i drink water
    will for bread i will for drink tea

    I am going to eat rice and beans for lunch
    I am going to eat cereal for breakfast
    I am going to eat chicken for dinner
    I will eat potatoes for lunch
    I am going to eat cookies for dinner

  11. what will you eat todayI will eat hashbrons for lunch i am going cookies for diner adolfo

  12. i will eat banana.
    I will eat lush at afternoom
    I will go together to party and happy.
    in tonight
    I will not drink water in tomorrow

  13. maurilio delgadoMay 26, 2011 at 9:53 AM

    I will eat ceral With Milk for breakfast.
    I will eat pork and sauce for lunch.
    I am going to eat salat for dinner.

  14. i will eat milk with ceral breakfast iam goin to eat pork and sauce for lunch i will eat steak with beans for dinner and water little fruit

  15. I will eat cereal and drink milk for breakfast .I will eat rice fish and drink juce.I am going to go to the restaunt for dinner

  16. I will eat chicken for lunch
    I will eat enjera for dinner.

  17. I will eat rice.
    I will eat spaghatti.
    I will eat cookies.

  18. I ate in this morning pita bread with rice and coffee.for lunch I will eat rice, potatos, with spice and onions too,in diner I will eat the same.

  19. Today my breakfast was cereal with milk and banana my favorite. For lunch I ate spaghetti with chicken breast and I drank a glass of limonade, after that I like to drank a cup of coffee in my English class. I will eat potatoes patties with tomatoes soup and salad for dinner and some fruit.

  20. I will eat Puerto Rican rice for lunch.
    I will eat a hamburger for dinner.