Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Issues in Minnesota

We all know that Minnesota is a wonderful place to live, but there are still many problems. What are some problems that you see here? What are some things we can fix?

Minnesota Public Radio has a list of articles you can read about Social Issues in Minnesota. Click HERE to visit that website.

Minnesota has a lot of refugees! Life is hard for people coming from refugee camps to Minnesota. How can we help refugees?

A lot of people are worried about violence in schools. Sometimes kids fight; sometimes kids bring guns and knives to school. What can we do to help schools and kids?

How can we help homeless people in Minnesota? Many people are homeless because they are sick and need medicine. Many homeless people are veterans of war. Many people are homeless because they lost their jobs. Many homeless people are children. What can we do?

What do you think about these issues? Choose one issue and write a comment about it. Click "Comments."


  1. i think the fathers need to take the guns
    from the childrens because the guns are bad
    for the childrens.

  2. M.R Ross I came from refugee camp ethiopa that means I new camer I have one brother My brother has a propilm soat that time I need help 30.000 dollaers.

  3. belaynesh huluka.May 4, 2011 at 12:24 PM

    This the homelesse people are this cominig minsota.minsota people is polite no fight its good city.

  4. the form of help the kids need is education in the house as can us the arm baut not have problem en the life bout the people becous will have a better life en the word end familis all the problem to have solussion for the mane in the school the word if chenge of sonthing en the life

  5. For me i think that it alway almost happened all the country.Although my country too.But for my country have a little bit issues then United states.Because in the United states have many broblem:like many diferent people or diferent country come in the United states some people are refugee, So it to mark the United states very dificult to find something for the people the same like :foods,clouths,places,works and anything els,some people they don't have homeless and sick too.And one more thing for the student that they studied high school in the United states some student they are goog.But for some stuent they're alway mark the school missy and have a little bit student some time they toke guns or nives to mark the school missy.Al of those story.It to mark the gevemant dificult for to find the sulution.

  6. Hilal and fartunMay 4, 2011 at 12:32 PM

    They was to the came in minnesota we are Gavernment help us everthing but now we dont have job and education we needs more job and h ealthy care all refugees waiting the gavernmant

  7. the minnesota best stet of america the people very nice the benefit is good the goberman is good the weather is good i like minnesota i am hape

  8. my peroplime englih langh so me zis time 7 manhe conpauter and Eniglihs. i want more scool, i want more teacher. thankyou neighborhood house teacher.

  9. We oll know that Minnesota is a wander ful place to live,but there are still maany problems.One problem the parent isnot contol were pot thire gun maney chald and students are going to akcdent.