Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day

Please remember that Monday, May 31st is Memorial Day and there will be no day or evening classes. Hope everyone has a happy and relaxing day off. Do you have any plans for Memorial Day?


  1. So, how was your long weekend? Did any of you go or do anything exciting?

  2. I went to park with my wife and my to dauthers.
    we play bolieball with my frends and family.

    we also had same carne asada, we had too much fun.

  3. memorial day is a perfect day for a BBQ
    and gathering family so, that's what we did.
    we spent time out doors and after that we wached a muvie.

  4. Memorial day not thing new but we had BBQ, my family played.

  5. I went to the cherokee park with my big family
    we make games for all.we cook hamburger hotdogs...

  6. monday I when to clean the building After the clean the buldings I will cook the fish in the gril.