Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cassandra's last day!

This is the last day at Neighborhood House for our volunteer teacher, Cassandra. Please feel free to wish her good luck and best wishes for her move to New York City.


  1. I hope you doing very good over there,
    Best wishes,came back soon.

  2. Cassandra I have very good memories of you because you smile all the time. You are very paitent with the whole group. I wishes you the vest In NEW YORK.

  3. I wish you the best for you in New York.
    as you know there are lot of interesting
    places to visit and have fun, enjoy
    we will miss you.

  4. Chan Hou is a student at Neighborhood House.

  5. My is Chan Hou. I'm a student at Neighborhood
    House.My teacher is name Jam