Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advanced ELL

Think about when you first came to the US.  What do you wish you had done differently?


  1. I think I should’ve done several things before coming to United States, such as study English at least two years. I should’ve closed my business and most importantly I should’ve informed the American Embassy that I was living in my country and asked for help to live for two years in this country.

  2. My regrets

    I should’ve brought more money.
    I shouldn’t have brought too many winter clothes.
    Before I came to US I should’ve taken English classes.
    I could have studied English before I came to L.A.
    I did not forget any important documents.
    I contacted my siblings, when I was planning my trip.
    I came to Hollywood L.A. The neighborhood was ok. It looked nice at night with all the signs and lights, but it was different during the day.
    No, I did not have information about job opportunities when I came to US. I didn’t look for it because I wasn’t going to work.

  3. 1- I should’ve brought ,my Play Station 3.
    2- I shouldn’t have brought, so many clothes.
    3- I could’ve had taken English classes seriously.
    4- I wish, I should’ve studied English before.
    5- No, I didn’t forget any documents.
    6- No ,I didn’t contact relatives ,before I came.
    7- I lived in ST. Paul when I first came ,and still doing it.
    8- No, I didn’t have information about job opportunities. I was unhappy with my first job, I shouldn’t have taken that job. ^.^

  4. I have no regrets. What I have been done sometimes is right sometimes wrong but I have a really good experiences that I don't change for anything.

  5. 1,I should have brought my mam's picture.
    2,I shouldn't have brought food.
    3,I should have finish high school befor i came here.
    4,Ishouldn't have studied english before i came to this country.