Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Advanced ELL Journal Entry

This week in class we've been reading an article called "High-Tech Surveillance".  What is the Remote Lounge, as described in the reading?  What is your opinion of the Remote Lounge as a form of entertainment?  Would you like to visit a place like this?  Why or why not?


  1. The Remote Lounge is the new place in New York City, where the customers control cameras to spy on each other

    For some people. watching other people is fun. And for other people being watched is the fun part

    I would go because you have to experience all of you can. Maybe I would go one time but is not the place I like.

  2. Remote Lounge is a system packed with cameras and monitors through which your image may be broadcast live over the internet or to the monitors and be seen by other customers.

    In my opinion, I think it must be funny to spy on what other customers are doing.

    I’d like to visit that place because I could have a good time meeting a lot of people, and the most important to me, to visit New York City.

  3. Surveillance is the new entertainment at the remote New York City where customers control cameras to spy on each other. I would like to visit there because I want to see what people are doing or working.

  4. The Remote Lounge is This trendy bar is packed with video cameras and monitors.
    And my opinion it is like secure for all.
    I’ll like to visit this place , I think it is interesting to know how they are watching us.