Friday, July 27, 2012

What do you like to eat?

For breakfast, James likes to eat potatoes and eggs.

For lunch, James likes to eat potatoes and steak.

For dinner, James likes to eat french fries and fish.

What do you like to eatPlease click "comments" to answer.


  1. I like to eat hamburguer!!

  2. I like to eat bread and apple for breakfast.
    For lunch, I like to eat rice and chicken.
    About for dinner, I like to eat rice and vegetable.
    But sometime i eat different food for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

  3. in breakfast i like cereal and one bread with nutella, delicious!!, for lunch i like hamburguer, i love hamburguer!!, for the dinner i like to eat pastas, chicken, meat with the dinner i prefer salad and coke! and dessert i like to eat rubharb pie!! =D

  4. in the morning i like for breakfast coffee and bread or cereal. for dinner i like eat rice with chicken spicy and salad and water. the fruit in tha night only fruit popcorn or something for watch the tv.

  5. I like to eat for breakfast injera and tea.I like to eat for lunch rice and meat and orang juice.I like to eat dinner mahrago