Monday, September 19, 2011

The Internet is a Great Tool!

The Internet can be used for many wonderful things. Some people use the internet to...
  • Find a job
  • Go to school, learn new skills
  • Manage their money
  • Check the weather
  • Talk to friends in other parts of the world
  • Shop for bargains
  • Read news from all over the world
  • Share their thoughts
  • Learn about opportunities in their communities
  • And so more MORE!
What do you use the internet for? How does the internet help you? What do you want to do on the internet that you don't do now?


  1. I use the internet for a lot of things! I keep in contact with many friends and colleagues using email and Facebook. I use online banking to manage my money and pay my bills. I find out about news and events in the world through news websites and I use the internet to find places in Saint Paul to go and how to get there!
    I want to learn more about connecting the things the internet does for me, so that I can use it more effectively and safely.
    I want to use the internet to help me learn to speak another language!

  2. I use the internet alot of thinges. I see job aplication some times cherh new song and news.

  3. I do not use the internet. I could use the internet for school, shopping. I would use the internet for everthing.