Monday, December 6, 2010

Computer Class this Fall Quarter

We are coming to the end of our Word and Excel 2007 classes. Please write a sentence telling me what you thought about computer class. What did you learn? What did you enjoy? What can we do to make computer class better? Click on 'comments' to answer.


  1. I would like to study English and computer class
    at Neighborhood.I enjoy Microsoft xcel and Microsoft word.

    Thank you
    Chan Hou

  2. I don't have mach to tell i jus stared cople weeks ago. but i think we sould learn samthing everey time we come.

  3. I'm happy,by comoputer class because I know do some lillte things by myself.You can try to give us some exercise to do like the test,we can pratice what we learn.

  4. I just study english and cumputer class and i whould like to study computer class about word and excel.I'm so happy when i can study it.Right now i know a little about it.I like to study about computer.Since i live at my country but when i live overthere i'm a poor man and i don't have the time for to study about it too.Because i'm busy to do a famer in the feld.It so difficult for me.But i can study hight school finish.I'm so happy about that.Oh''I'm busy to talk a bout mysalf i forget to tell my studying computer.Everyday i study Microsoft word excersice4 and excel excersice 8.I want to say i like a computer so that thank.