Monday, November 8, 2010

Favorite recipes

Today in Microsoft Word class we typed a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies. Write a sentence telling the other students the name of your favorite dish. It can be from the US or something you used to eat in your country.


  1. hi my name is manuel i tinkgthe snow is good for meny tings in my opiniong is nesesaty for farmers and some people mack at money for cleand the snow

  2. Today i study a bout Microsoft word Excercise6. It to teach me a bout how to corection to a letter and the teacher teach me a bout Jane Doe.She wrote to teacher about her vacation.So at first i don't to go to there.But i have agood teacher.She teach very good and she alway told me about something that i don't know.I like to study with her and she have agood exsperent.i think so beuase she know alot of in computer so very good for her i think like that.And right now i can understand a bout How to corectionto a letter.I'm very happy.Becuase i never study a computer ro all excersice before.I think that it a good luch for me that i came United state.When i came at first i hopless in my life.Becuase i don't know what can i do?And what happen go on?Becuase i came our here i want to study in college.But i'm very weak for listening.But i hope that i can Becuase rightnow i study N B Hood house.

  3. yes for mi is veri excited because to learn more about the artifacts from ancient egypt