Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome Internet Skills Students!

Hello, everyone!

Today is the first week of class. I would like everyone to introduce themselves in one or two sentences.


  1. My name is Marie Claire I from CongoAfrica Idesire to lean internt class.

  2. Hello, my name is Martha Iam from Mexico I live in st Paul. I would like to learn how to send fotos to my family.

  3. mane is bisrat I come from Ethiopai
    I would like to learn to computer in class becouse when I have a computer I am happy

  4. My mame is andrea, I'm fom mexico, i live in minessota,I heve two brothers, two sisters and moch nice.
    I'm job in the taco bell.

  5. My name is Bernardina Lopez
    I have two children.

  6. My is Marcial.I am from Mexico
    I would like to lern about to aply for jobs by computer.

  7. My name is Michael Suhfor .I come from Cameroon Afica

  8. MY name is bisrat
    Holle my classes met a studenet
    Would like internt computer classes
    This compter class is good.

  9. whte is the internet?saving work to server whether shopping social net works sending photos

  10. hi my name is abel im fron mexico

  11. my name is mahamud abdi
    ilivein stpoulmn mn
    iam from somaliya
    ilveinhere twoyears and have
    iam not bake in somslia
    becase somalia now infaten

  12. my name is mahamud abdi
    ilive stpaulmn
    iam from somaliya ihave two kides
    and two wifes so comon todo and were

  13. my name is mahamud abdi
    ilive siantpoal mn
    iam from somali
    ihave two kides one wifes

  14. aminasamatarnh@gmail.comJanuary 14, 2010 at 6:08 PM

    Hi my name amina iam from somalia.i live in saint paul iam marrieg i have two children and wonderfull husband my children name is liibaan he is four years old and kowsar she is two years old. i like my free time watch tv and.