Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Vacation is Next Week

Hooray! You did a great job with the first comments!
(and amazing work finding images on the internet!)

I am sad because this is the last day of class.

(I'm also a little happy because we will have vacation next week and we will all come back to class on January 7th.)

Here is what I might do on vacation:
- nap
-read my book

What will you do on vacation?


  1. I am going to spend time with my husband, my mom and dad, and friends next week. I am going to cook Christmas dinner, and my husband, my parents and I will go on a "light ride"; that's when we drive around neighborhoods and look at all of the beautiful holiday lights. I will also read my book.

  2. I will work in my vacations, because I need money, maybe in holidays I come with my cousin for make a party.

  3. In next week I going food for chismas party in too much present for children.

  4. What I want to do on my Vacation.
    is to go a way with my childer,and
    my boyfriend.

  5. on my vacation I will stay in my house for cristmas and have a party and give present to my kids.

  6. I will be relax with my family.
    We will prepare the chrismas dinner together we will give the gift for kids and all my family.
    Im going to enjoy my family next week and tanks abby for all things you teach me the last weeks.

  7. I am going to spend timi with my
    husband, next week. I am going
    to Denver Colorado, with my husband
    and famili together, I cook
    chrismas denner.